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Unveiling The Thinkwork Podcast

Welcome to The Thinkwork Podcast, where the vibrant threads of my cultural tapestry intertwine with diverse narratives. Beyond the mainstream, each episode is meticulously crafted to create a unique and tender listening experience.

In the vast expanse of society and culture, my mission is clear: to spotlight enduring role models, share captivating stories, and delve into the kaleidoscope of thought encompassing society, culture, technology, philosophy, and history.

Through solo episodes, I take you on a journey through time, infusing narratives with captivating sound effects.


The Thinkwork Podcast isn't just a platform for discussions; it's my dynamic connecting tool for society. By featuring guests ranging from UNESCO youth representatives to AI researchers, each episode delves into insightful conversations, exploring societal, cultural, and technological domains. Together with you, the audience, we navigate discussions that inspire, educate, and provide valuable perspectives on our evolving world.

Woman in IT

As a woman thriving in the tech sector, my commitment goes beyond conventional tech talk. My mission is to make technology an engaging and inclusive topic, especially for women. For whom is this podcast? It's for young adults in Europe seeking a profound connection through the exploration of diverse narratives and perspectives.

Despite launching in the summer of 2023, the podcast has already captured the interest of listeners across 17 countries, with Belgium boasting the highest streaming rate. The Thinkwork Podcast is not merely a podcast; it's my dynamic connecting tool for society, weaving together diverse voices and stories, fostering a tapestry of shared experiences, understanding, and collective growth.

Women of Culture: A Unique Frequency

As an underrepresented group in many areas of life, women find a powerful voice through The Thinkwork Podcast. I invite women from different cultures and professions, bringing out their stories and creating a network with a unique frequency. The podcast serves as a platform for empowerment, amplifying voices that often go unheard.

Why am I making a podcast series? My personal reasons.

  1. Officializing Thoughts: Turning thoughts into a podcast format makes them official. With platforms like Spotify demanding content, it becomes a natural progression, a source of motivation.

  2. Value for Self: Prioritizing self-growth and personal value, the podcast is a medium for sharing thoughts and understanding them.

  3. Avoiding Burnout: Acknowledging the risk of burnout, the focus remains on passion, self-growth, and avoiding dependence of external validation.

  4. Fun and Enjoyment: Recognizing the need for enjoyment, the podcast is designed to be fun

  5. Connection with Like-Minded people: The podcast serves as a medium to connect with like-minded people, fostering a community bound by shared experiences and aspirations.

desk with hardware and a tablet with thinkwork
Podcast recording with Loubna, I think it was episode 13 :)

Stay tuned for more captivating stories, insightful conversations, and a unique frequency that defines The Thinkwork Podcast. We're just getting started on this extraordinary journey!

 If you have any further questions, want to connect, or just share your thoughts, feel free to reach out. You can drop me an email at or send me a direct message on Instagram @thethinkwork.podcast .

Looking forward to connecting with you! Salama!

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