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Salaam, I'm Tusem!

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Who is Tusem?

The host Tusem, crafts each episode from the vibrant threads of her cultural tapestry as a Turkish Belgian. She also works in the tech industry.


In the vast realm of society and culture, Tusem's aim is to shine a spotlight on role models whose legacies endure, including inspirational figures like Zaha Hadid, Malcolm X, Ibn Arabi, Mariam Al Astrulabi...

The Thinkwork Podcast serves as a kaleidoscope of thought, delving into society, culture, technology, philosophy, history and beyond.


Tusem crafts solo episodes that unravel the stories, infusing each narrative with captivating sound effects that transport listeners through the passages of history. It's a unique listening experience, where her bubbly personality adds a touch of warmth, ensuring each episode remains both tender and true to her identity.

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Deep-talks with guests

The host had an array of guests, from the Flemmish UNESCO youth representative to career and leadership coaches, AI researchers, and dynamic entrepreneurs reshaping the business landscape.

Each episode of The Thinkwork Podcast delves into insightful conversations with these experts, exploring topics that span societal, cultural, technological domains.

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Wanna say "salaam"? 

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