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#0 What's The Thinkwork Podcast?


It feels like coming out of the blue, so let me tell you what The Thinkwork Podcast is all about.

So why is this podcast called The Thinkwork?


My first job experience was a corporate job as a consultant. It was a big opportunity to step into the professional environment and function in a team. I have a reflective personality. I love to take my time to reflect on myself. I am also religious, and reflecting was a way of healing myself as well. But because the corporate world was very new for me, I had to make a switch from my reflective personality to an adapting - hustling personality. So all the thinking had to wait. So what I did was making a list with “thinkwork” as the header with all the topics listed that I would be thinking about. I feel really weird saying. So when I’m done with working, I’ll work on thinking about these topics. That’s why I called this podcast the Thinkwork.

Before I even dig deeper into this introduction, let me tell you about myself. I’m Tusem, I’m Turkish Belgian. I’m a Muslim, a cat lady (3 CATS), like to travel solo, and I hate small talks; it feels so awkward every time. I love tech. I’ve been in the tech industry for almost 2 years and hopefully will keep growing my career in this industry.

As you already heard (from the podcast), English is not my mother tongue. I mostly speak Turkish, and Turkish people are known for their heavy “Turkish accent.” I do my best to hide it. How am I doing so far? Let me know. I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to Netflix and Youtube. 😊

I always loved to read and show off in conversations about the most random facts that I learned.

“The Egyptians believed the most significant thing you can do in your life was to die.” 😊

But then - a lot of people can relate to this - after I got my iPhone when I was 17, I started to change. So with my iPhone in my hand that I yearly upgraded, my need for learning was met by social media. Instead of facing uncomfortable situations or even daily situations like waiting for the bus, many of us use our phones to just pass the time.

What drove me to make a podcast?

In my career in tech but also during my studies, I struggled with finding role models for myself as a woman. Well, I did have anti-models. I was not really in any community besides the youth organization I was volunteering in. But there I felt more giving than taking. I was once invited to be a guest speaker at a Tech event. I said, “As a woman, but also as a visible Muslim, I felt like a unicorn in my environment.” But instead of just crying about it in a corner, I started looking for communities with a high rate of diversity. Because diversity itself is our common trait as humans. And thank God I did find many communities and women.

I found something that I really craved for years. All the quality talks I had within these communities drove me to take an initiative: The Thinkwork Podcast. I want to keep growing in this diversity factor. I want to float away from the mainstream content and produce content where diverse women can feel the relevance.

Well, what do you mean exactly Tusem? I’ll talk about courageous role models from history. Like Fatima al Fihri, the woman who founded the first university. I’ll talk about the life of Malcolm X, the black rights leader. I’ll talk about topics from IT, psychological theories, entrepreneurship, and culture. I see the Thinkwork podcast as a way of creating an end product of my researches that I did for each episode. That will hopefully inspire you as well. Money and financial well-being are topics we are really briefly taught. So I will share my journey here, my learnings about personal finance as well. Over time, in many networking events, I met very inspiring women from different cultures and with these professions whom I will have the honor to host on the Thinkwork podcast. My first guest is a very special woman who is doing her Ph.D. research in AI. Can’t wait to announce her.

Disclaimer, I guess...

There is something I need to EXPLAIN. As I already mentioned in the beginning, I am a Muslim Woman. I have also a background in Islamic Studies which made me have an insight into both dunyas (worlds) at the same time. And I feel truly privileged to have these insights. I always strived for the balance between these two dunyas. By this I mean, Where and how can I situate my faith in Islam in our lives in the business world, family, friends…

This became a way of living to me and a part of my identity. I asked a lot of friends and acquaintances how not to exclude anyone while also sticking to my identity as a Muslim. Thanks to them I realized I just keep my authentic self AND listen to everyone at the same time. And that is exactly what I will be doing.

So that being said, I hope this podcast will be beneficial for me and for you. If you can get any value from this and you think we have a click, please hit the follow button on whatever platform you are listening to now. You can also follow me or say Hi on the Thinkwork Instagram. There you have it OMG, I’ll be here every week with a new episode with some think work. See you!

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